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Residential Garage Doors Perth

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The best range of residential garage doors Perth has to offer

Providing a combination of convenient functionality and pleasing aesthetics, a quality garage door is a smart addition to any residential property. Here at Quokka Garage Doors, we offer an impressive range of residential garage doors to Perth residents – and they are made right here in Western Australia!

With combined industry experience of more than 30 years, we’re the team you can trust to provide the perfect door for your home that looks great and functions correctly for many years to come.

What type of doors do we sell?

Quokka Garage Doors sells a broad range of products, spanning classic Colorbond® steel sectional and roller doors, through to stylish solid timber and customised designs for those that need something a little unique.

Roller doors are made from quality Colorbond® steel and offer the utmost in safety and security. These doors revolve on precision-made nylon drum wheels, which are counter balanced using helical springs; this combination delivers perfect balance and a quiet and smooth operation, and also helps to preserve the longevity of the door. Our classic roller doors are available in manual mechanisation, or can be fitted with an automatic opener so that you can open and shut your door at the click of a button. Doors that are fitted with automatic openers can still be operated manually in the event of a power outage. In addition, our roller doors come in 22 colours, meaning it’s easy to match them to the aesthetics of your home – and with a 10 year Bluescope steel warranty, you know they will look great for years to come.

Colorbond® sectional doors use the same high quality steel as our roller doors, but are configured differently. Sectional doors are comprised of separate panels that lift up and over, resting parallel with the garage ceiling when they are open. They are generally made up of between four to six sections that are held together by hinges, allowing the door to ‘bend’ as it is raised. The door is held in place by brackets, which guide the door up and over against the ceiling as it is opened. Our products have a track, roller system, and torsion spring balancing that make them lightweight and easy to operate.

Our sectional doors come in a range of styles, including Pressed Panel, Flatline Embossed .6, Fineline and Ribline, ensuring there is something to suit the style of your home! We also offer classic ranch and heritage designed Colorbond® doors that have been created to suit specific residential design styles. The classic ranch door is an American style option that is perfect for those wanting to create a country feel, while the heritage door in British manor styling has been created to complement modern and older residences where traditional ambience is sought.

DecoWood® sectional garage doors are the perfect option for homeowners who love the look of timber but have a smaller budget and don’t want to have to worry about the upkeep. DecoWood® has the appearance of wood – from light tones such as American Oak through to Jarrah, Merbau, and even darker grains such as Wenge – with the durability and security of steel.

Solid timber sectional doors are a great option for customers who want the real thing! The stunning natural appearance of solid timber suits a wide variety of residential styles, from sleek and modern designs, through to rustic or heritage homes. Our timber doors come in a range of styles, from simple raised panels or recessed panels, through to classic barn-style panels, cedar planks, and ultra-modern ply panels. We also manufacture wooden garage doors with aluminium frames, which not only add a decorative finish but also improve strength and durability.

Insulated garage doors are the perfect option for those who want to improve the energy efficiency of their home, particularly in Australia where we are often subject to quite harsh climatic conditions. Constructed from quality BlueScope steel and ThermaDoor expanded polystyrene laminated panels, these doors are then finished with impact-resilient vinyl laminate for a finish that is durable and stylish. These doors reduce heat transfer through the door panel, helping to keep the heat out in summer and in during winter!

Cyclonic garage doors are also available for those who live in cyclone-prone areas, such as homes on the central and northern West Australian coastline. High winds can batter standard garage doors, so if you’re installing a new door in an area susceptible to this sort of weather it’s important to use a product that has been built with that in mind. Our cyclonic garage doors are engineered to withstand high winds and feature heavy duty struts, commercial style side hinges and top brackets, and a unique reinforcement that essentially sandwiches the door together for maximum wind resistance. We also offer a Wind Brace system for sectional doors that can be quickly fitted in a matter of minutes once a cyclone warning has been received, as well as a patented Windlock system for roller doors; both systems greatly help to reduce the likelihood of the door sustaining damage or blow in during a severe weather event.

Customised doors are also an option if you are looking for something a little different. Options include high decorative Ali Panel (aluminium) doors that deliver a flat metallic look; Clearlite (acrylic) and Twinlite (polycarbonate) doors that allow for natural light transfer; Mini Orb (similar to Colorbond but with finer corrugations); Perfalite aluminium panels that allow for ventilation and some natural light; Grille Panel open mesh; Aliwood (a combination of an aluminium frame and cedar timber); Barlite (an aluminium frame with bars and a Perspex backing); and plain Bar Panels that offer maximum airflow and light without compromising security. As you can see, no matter the design of your home, we have a customised option to suit!

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If you’re searching for a garage door manufacturer in Perth, look no further than Quokka Garage Doors. Our products are all produced right here in Western Australia, and our technicians are all backed by years of experience when it comes to installation. We also offer maintenance and servicing of all parts, particularly the automatic openers, to ensure your door continues to operate smoothly year in, year out.

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