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Garage Door Springs

When it comes to your manual or automatic garage door, there’s one integral part that needs to be maintained to ensure a safe and secure product for many years.

Essentially, the garage door spring, or torsion spring, is important because it makes your door light enough for you, or the garage door opener to be able to lift. Without it, your garage door that often weighs close to 100 kilos, can become unliftable. Attempting to use the garage door opener when your garage door spring is broken can cause many parts on the opener to break, and repair costs will pile up.

Maintaining and repairing your garage door spring

Maintaining your garage door spring is relatively easy to do to ensure a healthy spring and secure door. Each time you use your door, keep an eye and an ear open. Check for any jerky movements or unpleasant sounds. This is usually the first sign that something needs to be done. Keeping your garage door spring lubricated is important, and it only takes a few minutes each year to do. Spray or rub on white lubrication grease to coat the springs to ensure smooth operating. If you suspect rust at all, it’s important to call our expert technicians.

If you think that your garage door spring needs professional maintenance, or if your spring has broken causing further problems, then it’s important to call your local professionals at Quokka Doors.

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To ensure the correct operation of your door, it’s important to show your garage door the maintenance and service it deserves. That’s why our expert technicians are on call. The torsion spring is the easiest to repair part of your door, and with Quokka Doors you’ll get the fairest repair cost.

If you need help servicing or repairing your garage door spring or require servicing on any other part of your garage door, then please get in contact with our technicians today.

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