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Can I Make My Garage Door Taller?

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Most people, apart from basketball players, wish they could be a little taller. This isn’t possible unless you go to a very shady “surgical practice” in Russia or maybe Mexico. However, there are a few things you can make taller – both legally and safely. Garage doors are, in many cases, able to be made taller, so if you’re thinking about purchasing a larger car or caravan, you’re probably in luck. There are a few things that will determine whether it’s possible for you to make your garage door taller, so let’s run through them:

Garage space

For you to make your garage door taller, you’ll need to have enough space in your garage itself. This applies to you whether you have a roller door, sectional door or tilt door. It can be a tricky thing to work out, and the best idea is to call up an expert like Quokka Doors to have your garage space inspected.


You may need a new set of tracks if you’re looking to make your garage door taller. In the case that you need a new garage door, it’s a good idea to get new tracks with it. Most garage doors are not designed to be on different tracks and will work much better and safer with a new set of tracks. The size of the new garage door may also be too big for the tracks, so more often than not, a new set of garage door tracks will be required.

Why you need a pro for the job

It’s important that, if you need to make your garage door taller, you go with an expert team of garage door specialists. There are DIY routes you can go down, but chances are, they won’t be worth it. It’s a large and somewhat complex job to make a garage door taller: one that requires the right tools and expertise. Plus, getting it wrong could be costly in two ways. It could end up costing you more money if you make a wrong alteration to your garage and then need an expert to change it back. This is a frustrating situation to deal with. But imagine if you were injured while lifting something heavy, or because the door fell off due to an improper installation. The risk you run by attempting a DIY on your taller garage door is simply not worth it.

If you need to make your garage door taller, there’s only one local Perth business to call in order to make it happen: Quokka Doors. They’ve had years of experience with installing, repairing and modifying garage doors and have the expertise to handle your job too. Visit Quokka Doors at their Wangara office, or call them up to arrange an inspection of your garage today.