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Biowood® Garage Doors

Our Biowood® garage door retains the natural timber look and feel, is low maintenance, and meets the standard for fire safety under BAL-29 conditions.

There are many great reasons to choose a Biowood® garage door for your home. The Biowood® wood composite products are created using 0.85 density natural cellulose fibre from plantation-harvested timber combined with a specially formulated resin. It retains the natural look and feel of wood, but is also lightweight and provides a high degree of water resistance. Biowood® does not bleach, split or crack, and is suitable for both bushfire regions (up to BAL-29 rating) and marine applications.

biowood garage door

Why You Should Choose a Biowood® Garage Door

• The authentic look and feel of timber
• Lightweight composition
• Designed to withstand Australian weather – no splinters, cracks, warping, cupping or rot
• Durability – resistant to water, mould, mildew, and termites
• Bushfire resistant (conforms up to BAL-29 as per AS 3959:2009 Appendix F)
• Time tested suitability for marine, intertidal and salt spray environments
• UV stable under normal environmental conditions, even in full sun, when coated with Biowood® water-based coating
• Easy and concealed installation
• Virtually maintenance free – depending on north orientation, coating will last three times longer than normal UV coating
• Environmentally friendly – sustainable timber alternative that’s fully recyclable
• Can be re-sanded and resealed
• Option to stain in variety of colours
• Trusted brand by Global Green Tag.

Profile and Colour Options

Providing Australian homeowners with both durability and style, Biowood® garage doors come in three attractive colours: Spotted Gum, Jarrah and Weatherwood. No matter which hue you choose, you can rest assured your garage door will look fantastic as part of your house’s façade.

biowood door profile